32 million reasons for social entrepreneurship
India's children shouldn't have to wait for a better future
With ādi, now every child can dream
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Innomonk Technologies

32 million Indian children have never been to any school.

- India Today, August 19, 2019

That’s 32 million reasons why social entrepreneurs like us do what we do.

We believe technology, collaboration and affordability can give the underprivileged their best chance at breaking the cycle of poverty.

Why Technology?

Because the 21st century is the century of digital technology.

Because the Government of India is driving digital education: eVidya for multi-modal access to online education, Swayam for self-learning and skill development, the National Digital Library of India which makes community learning resources available to all.

Because a vast amount of high-quality educational content is online while most Indians are not.

Because physical infrastructure is slower to grow. With digital we can do more, together, faster.

Because India’s children shouldn’t have to wait for a better future.

The Digital Divide

Why is technology-enabled education such a challenge?

For the underprivileged, every step is hard:

  • Buying a computer is expensive; so is leasing one.
  • First-time users are intimidated by the cost, the complexity, the fear of inadvertent damage.
  • Buying is a lifetime lock-in, leasing a long-term commitment many can’t afford.

Introducing ādi. Our pay-as-you-go, subscription-based, all-in-one computer.

Because India’s children shouldn’t have to wait for a better future.

ādi is compact enough to fit into the smallest home.

ādi is tough. It’s low maintenance, high uptime and shrugs off rough handling.

ādi is built on open source. It’s sturdy and simple to use.

ādi is all-in-one. We take care of the hardware, software, support and we’ll help the user get comfortable using it.



All-in-one fully equipped computer system

Occupies as much space as a laptop


Attach ādi to a standard desktop monitor

Dedicated computer for extended use



a self-discovery platform

ādi is more than just a computer

It’s the first step on the technology journey for many underprivileged children. We want them to gain confidence with ādi so they can range as far as their curiosity takes them. We built ādi to help children uncover their own potential and give them the tools to develop it.

The children are our top priority

ādi brings together tools and technology to bridge the gap between children and the people who work so hard to help them.

With ādi, now every child can dream.

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