adi in action

ādi in action


The real success is Yours, each time you make affordable Technology available to the last person in the queue, whether a child or a micro enterprise. We will not rest till there is at least 1 image here, that resonates with you.

We want you to be associated because Our WHY becomes Yours.

Leave IT to US

Managing technology infrastructure can be expensive, complicated and time-consuming. See how businesses and institutions that have switched to ādi are freeing up time and money to put their focus where it belongs: on serving their customers.

Now Every Child Can Dream

Children —and their families! are discovering the wonderful universe of high-quality online content with ādi . Their enthusiasm gives us energy, their feedback makes us better, and we won’t stop until every underprivileged person in India has a smile just like theirs.

ādi LABS – Discover Yourself

Consumption cannot be the sole purpose of our existence. At ādi LABS, we encourage the younger generation to discover themselves through experiential learning.

ādi in News

Our CSR / individual sponsors have changed at least 1 child’s life; these children have an equal opportunity to learn through Technology in the comfort of their home. For those who refer such needy children to us, it means being a catalyst in changing her life. Occasionally they also talk about us.

An ādi has to be Experienced

Our users have always loved to experience adi computers at close quarters. And we return their love by engaging with them - Social and commercial events, public and in-premises roadshows, online seminars and community events.

Our Team make us Look Good

Our Team - Employees, Suppliers and Partners do their best each day to make a difference to our eco-system, and we celebrate each success. Without them ādi would remain a dream.

We are a fast-growing Bangalore-based startup engaged with small and medium businesses in their growth journey; while delivering high-quality online content to Indian homes through the power of simple, reliable and affordable computers.