We are a Bengaluru-based startup with a vision that every child should have access to a computer. Our services extend to businesses whose primary focus is on cloud-based applications (accessed through an Internet browser) and are also exploring affordable business computers.

We are based in Bengaluru. Please visit our Contact us page to find us on the map.

Our business hours are Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM IST.


Adi is an all-in-one computer built on open-source software, compact enough to fit into the smallest spaces. It’s affordable, easy to acquire, simple to use, and very low on maintenance.

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Our computer, Adi, runs on Linux – Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu.

No – the idea behind Adi is to make computers affordable without compromising on any features and functions available for most users. By using open-source, we save on expensive software licence fees.

Our computer is 30-50% more economical over a 3-year lifespan – whether it’s hardware, software licences, support, power and power backups.

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Adi comes in several robust, flexible, affordable and versatile configurations.

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The base unit is an 18.5” monitor, with a compact CPU attached. Or you could plug it into a TV! 65” LED, anyone?

Storage is on a Class 10 SD card with capacity starting from 32 GB.

Our computer comes in 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB RAM configurations.

All variants come with a wired keyboard and mouse.


Our computer works with any make and model of TV that has a free HDMI port. For maximum flexibility, make sure the HDMI port is easily accessible without having a technician move the TV.

The base variant, Adi, comes with a monitor, wired keyboard and mouse, and power adaptor as standard accessories.


We also offer variants with a webcam, speaker, and wireless keyboard and mouse set

Always! Every computer we make is tested rigorously and loaded with the latest version of the OS before we ship it.

Pricing & Ordering

All our variants are customizable and affordable. Get one!

Yes! We have great deals on volume buys.

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GST will be calculated as applicable on the date of purchase. As of April 2021, our computers attract 18% GST.

We’re sorry that we can’t accept EMI payments at this time. Don’t despair, your bank or credit card provider may offer EMI options – check with them!

Within Bengaluru, onsite support is covered by our warranty. For other locations,

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We accept a number of payment methods directly and in partnership with our service providers. You can pay for your orders via Net Banking, credit and debit cards, and UPI.

To keep you, our service providers and ourselves safe during these COVID-19 times, we don’t accept cash payments.

In most cases, we deliver within 2-4 working days. For a large volume order, we will give you an estimated lead time depending on availability and order size.

Write to us at hello@innomonk.com or call us at +91 742 889 6610 and tell us what your requirements are. We’ll gladly send you a most competitive quotation.


Yes! Technical support is included in our one-year warranty.

After that, we offer technical support service at a great price.

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Please call our Customer Care team at +91 742 889 6610, send us an e-mail at support@innomonk.com, or use the Contact Us form to report your issue.


We are available Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM IST, except on public holidays.

We provide three levels of support:

In the unlikely event that we can’t resolve your issue, ship your unit to our office in Bengaluru.

Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects and OS support.

We do not cover damage and malfunctions due to mishandling, spillages, power fluctuations, etc.

The warranty is void if you modify the unit in any way or if repairs are carried out by any unauthorised person.

We recommend having a UPS so you can shut the computer down safely if there’s a power outage. A reliable electrical system that minimizes power fluctuations will ensure that you get the best performance from your computer. Electrical surges and fluctuations can damage electronics.

We do not take responsibility for data recovery. We strongly recommend creating a data backup every day or week, depending on the criticality of your data.

We are a fast-growing Bangalore-based startup engaged with small and medium businesses in their growth journey; while delivering high-quality online content to Indian homes through the power of simple, reliable and affordable computers.